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Please change the parent of this sub to "Passives" please.

Passives are attributes that increases the heroes' stats by paying gold after a run (successful or not, except Easy runs) and applying them to a hero at the start of a new run . Their prices increase exponentially after an upgrade is bought. Upgrades that increase Attack or Magic will work for heroes that are able to use such. Exp; Barbarian can utilize Magic upgrades for his third ability because it applies a base of +90%(magic) damage. Or simply put, any hero with purple text for attacks count as Magic damage, same goes for heroes with gold text, applying Attack damage. The maximum level for upgrades is 10.

  • Stamina - #% health increase
  • Attack Damage - #% damage increase
  • Regeneration - # hp per second
  • Focus - #% crit chance
  • Armor - #% defense increase
  • Agility - #% initial movement increase
  • Magic Damage - #% magic damage
  • Purity - #% magic resistance
  • Greed - #% coins increase